My Journey Leading Up To My Hysterectomy

I thought really hard about what my first blog should be.... and after days of going back and forth, I realised that the first blog has to be the part of my story that led to the creation of Womb Warriors Tribe. And that is my journey leading up to my hysterectomy and the healing before and after. In this post, I talk about the beginning of this journey up until my surgery.

My hysterectomy journey started months before I had any scans done or seen a GP or specialist. It all started with a Reiki session. If you haven't heard of Reiki before, it is an energy healing modality. I will share more about it in other blogs. It was my first time having Reiki and I was not prepared for what was about to happen. It was the most amazing experience. The part of this Reiki session that is important for this blog is that during the session, I came face to face with childhood traumas I had buried deep inside of me. Trauma, namely sexual trauma, that I never talked about ever or even ever mentioned to anyone. And this started my healing journey. The hysterectomy became a part of my healing journey.

Mental and emotional trauma manifests in our physical bodies. (To be discussed in more depth in another blog) In my case, like most women, sexual trauma is stored in our womb space, our sacral space. And it was this trauma that had manifested into these fibroids. From the moment, I was confronted with my childhood trauma in my Reiki healing session, I started to work on healing the trauma, dealing with all the emotions attached to the trauma. As I started healing the energetic and emotional side of things, the fibroids started actually giving me physical pain. This was when I went to my GP, got my scans done and saw a specialist. After discussing it with both my GP and my specialist, we made a plan for me to have a hysterectomy.

From the moment we booked my hysterectomy surgery, things started changing dramatically in my body. My lower abdomen started swelling up like there was some form of inflammation. Energetically, my body was ready, ready to get rid of the physical side of the trauma I had held onto for over 30 years. Through the process of seeing doctors and waiting for my surgery, I continued to work through the emotional and energetic side of my healing. This was by no way easy. Dealing with 30-year old emotions is hard! But I was committed and there was no turning back or giving up on this process. I was determined to be free of everything I had held on for way too long. Most of it wasn't even mine to hold onto.

3 weeks leading up to my surgery, the pain intensified to the point where I couldn’t work or even stand up straight. 3 days before my surgery, I lay on my couch passed out in pain. I don't remember much about that day other than that in between my floating in and out of consciousness, a dear friend of mine came over to give me some Reiki to help me get through the pain. For her love and kindness, I am forever grateful. I don't know how I would have made it through the last 3 days without the healing she gave me.

On the day of my surgery, I was ready. I never felt more ready for anything else in my life. I was ready to get rid of the physical trauma once and for all. I was ready for the next phase of my healing. I was ready for the next phase of my life, living free from my childhood traumas.


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